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Abhishek Anchal


Profile: I did my Bachelor (Maths) from Coastal Carolina University, USA. Currently working for CampusEAI Consortium as a Talent Acquisition Manager. Pursuing MBA part time from Symbiosis, Pune, INDIA

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Course: Calculus
Topic: Integration
Description: I am trying to find the indefinite integral of sqrt(tanx) dx and the indefinite integral of sqrt(cos2x) dx. Any ideas?

Idea 1: There seem to be no known closed form antiderivatives for the given functions (in terms of the elementary functions). However, the antiderivatives certainly exist; Expand the given integrand in terms of its Taylor series at x=0. Integrating the Taylor series term by term gives the Taylor series expansion of the antiderivative.

Idea 2: Usually, one is interested in computing the definite integral. For this purpose, there are many numerical methods known. For example, Simpson's Rule.

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