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Projects (46):

Project ID: 55
Course: Dynamical Systems
Topic: Julia Sets
Description: Let X be a set together with a function  f : X  →  X. Given any x X, the iterates
f 1(x) =  f (x)
f 2(x

Project ID: 54
Course: None
Topic: Drupal in Hindi
Description: Translating the worlds biggest Content Management System in Hindi. ...

Project ID: 53
Course: Database Design
Topic: Rapid Application Development

Purpose of this project is to aid Rapid Application Development by providing a multi-database, multi-platform, presentation-independent, highly-scalable Datagrid.

This datagrid will then be used in Application generation Application that I plan to ...

Project ID: 52
Course: Advanced Corporate Finance
Topic: FinGame
Description: It gave me a hands on experience of making real world financial decisions for my fictitious company as the Financial Manager. The project was concluded with estimating the value of the company as a proposed merger. ...

Project ID: 51
Course: Artificial Intelligence
Topic: Chat Bot using Program D
Description: Creating a Chatbot using AIML and Program D as the interpreter. ...

Project ID: 50
Course: Artificial Intelligence
Topic: Implementing a ChatBot using Program Z
Description: Program Z is implemented in Common Lisp. Pandorabots.com is a software robot (also known as a bot) hosting service. From any browser, you may create and publish your own robots to anyone via the web. Pandorabots technology yields one of the fastest bots av ...

Project ID: 49
Course: Object Oriented Programming
Topic: Miniool (Mini Object Oriented Language)
Description: Developed a Mini Object Oriented Language in Java explicitly coding the functionality for common constructs ans statements for a small language. Design Patterns Applied Composite pattern Visitor pattern Façade pattern Factory ...

Project ID: 48
Course: Algorthim Design - II
Topic: Sorting Algorithms Visualization
Description: In this project we have tried to implement the sorting techniques using different visualizations. I have made a graphical visualization in the shape of a fan. It consists of lines which are inclined at different angles and finally, after each sorting metho ...

Project ID: 47
Course: Algorithm Design - II
Topic: Sorting Algorithms Visualization
Description: In this project we have tried to implement the sorting techniques using different visualizations. I have made a visualization which shapes out like a spiral after the vector is sorted. The sorting method that is used is the Batcher's ...

Project ID: 46
Course: MS Project
Topic: Data Mining Using ESWMA
Description: When it comes to mining types of data, there are 6 such types/branches of study:
  1. Multi-dimensional Analysis and Descriptive Mining of Complex Data Objects
  2. Mining Spatial Databases
  3. Mining Multimedia Databases
  4. Mining ...

Project ID: 45
Course: Algorithm Design - II
Topic: Sorting Algorithms Visualization
Description: My Part of the project was to create working C++ Sorting programs from the various Algorithms. We had decided to make the project comprehensive. So, we included all the sorting algorithms we knew:
  1. Bubble Sort
  2. Insertion Sort
  3. Selec ...

Project ID: 44
Course: Algorithm Design - II
Topic: Sorting Algorithms Visualization
Description: My part of the project was to integrate every basic thing that the rest of the group created into the Win32 environment using Visual C++. This is not a very easy task since I am working in the VC++ Environment for the first time.

Team Ma ...

Project ID: 43
Course: Database Systems
Topic: The Teacher's Organizer
Description: Rachit Bhatia and I are devoloping The Teacher's Organizer, which consists of an attendance sheet, reminder & a schedule. We have developed the basic model or structure of our database which consists of 8 tables, 4 for the Information Systems class and ...

Project ID: 42
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Time Table
Description: I am making this project with my partner Atika Shirkot. Initially we had started creating the database of the National Basketball Association. However, as we went along we changed our mind and finally shifted to creating the database of the time table f ...

Project ID: 41
Course: Information Systems
Topic: Database Interface
Description: Ankit and I are making a project on words, their roots and meanings (etymology). See Ankit's page for a description of the tables. The database will be in MySQL with an Html/PHP frontend. We have prepared PHP code for our Database Project which will look l ...

Project ID: 40
Course: Database Systems
Topic: SanjayShop
Description: I have made a MySQL relational database for an automobile service shop. One can store customer information. Then one can calculate the customer’s bill by using queries. We can use many functions like TRIM, CASE and UNION. One problem is how to correctly ...

Project ID: 33
Course: Database Systems and Information Systems
Topic: Teacher's organizer
Description: I along with Hartajinder Singh Bindra are devoloping The teacher's organizer, which is going to include an attendance sheet, reminder, schedule. We have developed the basic model or structure of our database ::it consists of 8 tables, 4 for the Informat ...

Project ID: 32
Course: Database Systems
Topic: OLAP in Data warehousing
Description: The project on which I am working is based on applications of data warehousing, that is performed through OLAP (on line analytical processing). OLAP basically used to describe the analysis of complex data from data warehousing.The term stands for (On-Lin ...

Project ID: 31
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Automobile Dealership Database
Description: Database to connect various branches of my automobile dealership using MySQL on an intranet. Visit it at: Nataraj Mobiles Ltd ...

Project ID: 29
Course: Probability and Statistics
Topic: The Human Genome Project
Description: This is my most fascinating and captivating project. Although it concerns genetics, the way it was linked to Statistics is worth knowing about. We thank Sir for his guidance in this regard. Also look at my research notes for more information.

The goa ...

Project ID: 28
Course: Probability and Statistics
Topic: Quality Control
Description: My main project in this subject pertains to Quality Control, its importance, its pioneer, related experiments, research, latest news, and application to industry.

The project comprises of two seminars

  • Control Charts
  • Deming's 14 p ...

Project ID: 27
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Music Database
Description: The project on which I am currently working is a Music Database. At Present I am acquiring information regarding various Artists, their Albums, Date of Release, Song, Genre etc. I have also started building my Database.

Project ID: 26
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Periodic Table
Description: We plan to make database systems project related to the periodic table of chemical elements.
The tables are as given below:

Project ID: 25
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Airline Database
Description: In my Database Systems project, I propose to develop a relational database for the airline industry. My other team member is Saugato Ray, a sophomore of Tarleton State University, USA and pursuing the Bachelor of Science (Computer Information Systems) cour ...

Project ID: 24
Course: MS Project
Topic: Applying data mining on the Airline Industry database
Description: Data mining refers to extracting or ‘mining’ interesting knowledge from large amounts of data.

Some other terms:
  • knowledge mining from databases, or
  • knowledge extraction, or
  • data/pattern analysis, or
  • ...

Project ID: 22
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Periodic Table
Description: I am making a project on periodic table with sharat sirohi and mayank bhargav.This project will be made with the help of mysql,apache and php programming.This will include entire properties of the elements both physical and chemical as well as different us ...

Project ID: 21
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Periodic Table
Description: I am making a project on Periodic Table.My partner is Mayank bhargav and shantanu chikara.This project will include apache,mysql and php programming.Through this project the periodic table can be viewed at a glance as well thoroghly.Just by clicking on any ...

Project ID: 19
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Time_Table
Description: Superna Sharma and I are currently working on creating a database that displays the courses for a student along with data like teachers,course numbers, etc. on being given the specific information(i.e course code etc).

The various MySQL queries ...

Project ID: 18
Course: MS Project
Topic: Encryption, Compression and Error correction
Description: The RSA Encryption is one of the most popular encryption method. Till now I have studied the method to convert the data bit into 128 bit using private and public keys(prime no.).To encrypt data using RSA Encryption, the algorithm is defined by R-Rivest, ...

Project ID: 17
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Online shopping database
Description: This project is a joint venture by Deepika Saxena and I.The database proposed to be prepared is expected to exhibit a online shopping database.

The database to be prepared and compiled under this topic include:-
1.list of all the p ...

Project ID: 16
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Cricket Plus!
Description: I am making a project with Srijani Kirti. We are making a database that would contain information about the cricket players of different countries, their profiles, data about them like higest score, test average, one day average, no. of centuries, half cen ...

Project ID: 15
Course: Extreme Concurrent Programming
Topic: Distributed voting system
Description: Designed a distributed voting system to work on the internet in Java using RMI and the PTA architecture. There are several voting booths, tracking stations running on different computers or in different command windows on the same computer & one control pa ...

Project ID: 14
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Periodic table
Description: I'm planning to submit the project on periodic table consisting name of the element, atomic number, atomic mass, common compound as the possible entity. I've searched many websites related to my project which helped me a lot in making a brief outline of my ...

Project ID: 13
Course: Algorithm Design
Topic: Long Numbers
Description: Any programming language, including C++ (any compiler) and Java, has constraints when it comes to using numbers. There is even a limit to numbers one can store in a double Data-type.
So, ...

Project ID: 12
Course: MS Project
Topic: Neural Networks
Description: I am designing a neural network that will sort a fruit or vegetable when it is brought to the warehouse. The fruits will be loaded on a conveyer belt in a warehouse. This conveyer passes through a set of sensors. These sensors measure three properties of t ...

Project ID: 11
Course: MS Project
Topic: Chatbots
Description: This is the major project for MS students that I'm doing with Ashay Sir. I will attempt to make a Chatbot using C++. A Chatbot is a computer program that can reply to one's queries through an interface, much like a real person. It comes under the jurisdict ...

Project ID: 10
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Cricket Plus!
Description: This is going to be a joint project with Prateeti Raj. We will create a MySQL database on "Cricket" and then create a web page as a front end.
The SQL syntax for creating the database is--
mysql>create database cricketplus;
mysql>use databa ...

Project ID: 8
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Light Operating System
Description: This is part of our senior level database class project. We are building a light operating system for a church in myrtle beach, we will be building a GUI of an auditorium, the operator can just click on the GUI for the position of light that he wants and t ...

Project ID: 7
Course: Database Systems
Topic: NBA (National Basketball Association)
Description: Group Partner:- Sudeep Tomar We have started working on a database including the teams,players,scheduled of upcoming matches and complete player's profile of the game, Basketball.This is going to be a huge and vast database.Well we are very excited about ...

Project ID: 6
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Database on Airline Reservation, Ticketing & Scheduling
Description: I am developing my project in partnership with Edward D'Costa.
The database will contain data of flight schedules, ticketing, and reservation, which will include:-
1) dates, days, and time of arrival and departure of airlines;
2) boarding, t ...

Project ID: 4
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Internet Shopping Database
Description: Group members are me and Kulmeet .We are planning to make an online_shopping database.
you can see kulmeets page for updates.I'll describe the tables of the database.
create database online_shopping;
create table product(pid in ...

Project ID: 2
Course: Algorithm Design
Topic: Koch Star
Description: One of the simplest examples of a fractal is the Koch Star.
  1. We start with an equilateral triangle.
  2. Then, each segment is divided into three equal parts,
  3. An equilateral triangle is constructed over the middle part, and
  4. Finally, t ...

Project ID: 1
Course: Information Systems
Topic: Example - Web Browser
Description: We designed a web browser using Visual C++ and MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes). The browser opens at the default home page http://www.google.com. There is a text box into which the user can enter a new URL and a GO button that takes the user there. T ...

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