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Sharat Sirohi


Profile: I am doing my bachelors degree in computer information systems. Earlier I studied turbo c++ in class 11th and 12th. My hobbies are travelling, music, keen interest in automobiles and of course sports.

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Information SystemsFall 2003View
Database SystemsFall 2003View

Projects (1)

Project ID: 21
Course: Database Systems
Topic: Periodic Table
Description: I am making a project on Periodic Table.My partner is Mayank bhargav and shantanu chikara.This project will include apache,mysql and php programming.Through this project the periodic table can be viewed at a glance as well thoroghly.Just by clicking on any element's symbol we can get its physical and chemical properties.Use of that particular element can also be viewed.we will be adding more things to our project as we are on our way.

Seminars (1)

Seminar ID: 10
Course: Information Systems
Topic: Queuing Theory
Description: I will be giving a seminar on queuing theory along with shantanu chikara and mayank bhargav on coming monday(3/11/03).we will be explaining this concept using simple examples. eg: Railway ticket counter.

Research Notes (1)

Research Note ID: 8
Course: Information Systems
Topic: Towers of Hanoi
Description: The towers of hanoi puzzel was invented by the french mathematician,Edouard Lucas, in 1883.It is also known as Tower of Brahma or the End of the world puzzle.He was inspired by a legend by someone that tells about a pyramid puzzle.The person says if someone is given a stack of 64 disks,each one a little smaller than one beneath then the he has to transfer the 64 disks from one of three poles to another,such that large disk could never be placed on the top of a smaller one. reference: www.ihs.berkly.edu/java/tower/towerhistory.html

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